Whether you sell insurance, real estate, personal training, plumbing, life coaching or any other service, we will build a high converting website template for you for free!

If you already have a website, we will build you a much better website template for you for free, and transfer you to a much better hosting company.

I can say that with total confidence because almost all websites are terrible, especially when it comes to generating leads, conversions and sales – and sales is what your business is all about.

If you don’t have a high conversion website, you’re doing it wrong, the point of your business website is to get you paid. Yet the vast majority of service business websites are ugly, complex, multipage, slow-loading and lack a succinct reason to take action.

Our website template is the exact opposite…

It’s beautiful, simple, one page, super fast loading, and from the second a potential client looks at your website they’re getting sold into your hyper-effective sales funnel.

As a six figure online business owner, with a decade of entrepreneurship experience under my belt, I can tell you that having a high converting website is crucial. Because in business, cash is king.

What’s the catch? Why would we build a website template for you for free?

Because it’s a massive pain point that we can get paid for solving. As a salesman and entrepreneur, I’ve spent the past decade building businesses, websites, and closing customers, and I know from first hand experience what a pain it is to build a website, let alone a high-converting website.

And being a businessman, I of course understand that solving pain points means money. The beautiful thing is that instead of charging you directly, we get paid $100 for each referral to WPX Hosting, the best wordpress hosting company in the world, and the company I use to host my site revolutionarylifestyledesign.com.

All you have to do is buy the yearly hosting package from WPX, hosting that you will need anyway, and you get a free, high conversion website for your service business, we get paid a commission from WPX, and WPX gets a new client – win/win/win.

Who We Are

Will Freeman

Will Freeman

Sales Manager

Matt Lawrence

Matt Lawrence

Web/Graphic Designer

WPX Hosting

WPX Hosting

Hosting Provider

RLD Web Design Will Freemen from revolutionarylifestyledesign.com and graphic designer extraordinaire Matt Lawrence.

Since 2012 Will Freemen has reached over 7 million men through his website, YouTube channel, products and peak performance coaching service. He’s helped those men live better lives by offering practical strategies for maximizing health, wealth, relationships, lifestyle and mindset. Will has made six figures in 3 industries including corporate sales and selling services and products online, Will has utilized his sales skills to help create the high converting sales template you get for free through RLD Web Design.

Since 2012 Matt Lawrence has helped hundreds of satisfied clients design websites, book covers, logos, media kits and more. Matt is also responsible for all the banner ads on revolutionarylifestyledesign.com as well as the layouts and graphics in Will Freemen’s books. Matt is an exceptionally talented graphic designer, as well as a hard worker who prioritizes handling client work quickly and efficiently.


1) WordPress Installation:

We install wordpress for you (the best CMS platform available on the planet)

2) Plugins Installation:

We install all the necessary plugins to keep your site running fast and smooth

3) Free SSL Certificate Installation:

We install a free SSL certificate changing your site from https:// and not secure to https:// and secure. An SSL certificate is a must for building trust with your prospect and is now officially acknowledged as a ranking factor by Google.

4) DIVI Theme And Installation:

We give you the DIVI premium WordPress theme for free ($89 value) and as well as installing the theme for free.

5) Custom Tailored Divi Template:

Our Customized service based business template of the DIVI theme tailored specifically to maximize sales and conversion. Not only that, but the template gives you the exact instructions on how to construct your heading, subheading, features, benefits and call to action.

6) The Best Hosting Company On The Planet:

Not only does WPX keep your site running super fast, they handle all your front end AND back end problems, with the fastest response time of any company I’ve ever dealt with.

7) We Handle All Your Potential Installation Headaches:

We handle any potential problems you might have during setup by speaking to WPX hosting company on your behalf

8) 12 Hours A Day Support:

From the time you get started with us to the time we finish building your high conversion website template. 12 hours a day client support from us – we’re available from 9 AM to 9 PM (BKK Time) every day for support

Why We Recommend WPX Hosting

1) The Best WordPress Hosting Company In The World:

I (Will Freemen) have been using WPX since 2015 and it is hands down the best hosting company I’ve ever used. In fact, due to their incredible customer service, it is the best company I’ve ever dealt witth, and the only company I would trust to manage my website. WPX is the most trusted company on Trustpilot out of 140 companies, where Hostgator came last, Bluehost came in 138th, and GoDaddy came in at 124th.

2) Speed And Reliability:

WPX keeps your WordPress site running super fast as well as running on the latest version of PHP and optimized W3 Total cache settings. WPX is the world’s fastest WP hosting.
Front And Back End Support: WPX is the only company that offers front and back end support for any issues you might have

3) Customer Service:

WPX has the fastest and most effective customer service in the industry, offering support in as little as 30 seconds.

4) Free Migration:

WPX will migrate your domain from your current provider to WPX for free (also, at RLD Web Design, we will handle any migration issues that might come up by communicating with WPX on your behalf).

5) Free SSL Certificates:

An SSL ceritificate (https:) will show your potential clients that your site is safe and secure, WPX hosting provides unlimited, free SSL certificates.

6) Malware Removal:

If your site every comes under attack from hackers, WPX will remove malware free of charge

7) Money Back Guarantee:

If you’re not completely satisfied, WPX will give you a refund within the first 30 days of purchase.

Here Is Exactly What Your Site Will Look Like

The site is built on WordPress with the DIVI theme (An $89 value) installed, as well as our custom tailored modifications for high conversion websites. Here is the structure of your site, with all the instructions you need to add your own text in each of the sections:

1) Menu:

Services, about us, logo, pricing, contact

2) Headline:

An attention grabbing headline announcing the primary point points your service solves

3) Subheadline:

An attention grabbing and subheadline that further explains how you can help your prospect

4) Features:

A comprehensive list of the features you offer

5) Testimonials:

Testimonials from satisfied clients

6) Who You Are:

Pictures of you and your team and a short blurb about your company

7) Pricing Tiers:

List of your prices per service, displayed in an elegant pricing table

8) Call To Action:

Section for asking for the sale, explaining the benefits of buying, and instructions for entering info

9) Contact form:

Section for receiving information which gives you a hot lead to respond to

You can see exactly what your site will look like by clicking the button below:

Examples Of Our Work

To see examples of our work look no farther than this very page. You can also see other examples of our work below:

Rldexamplesite.com is exactly what your website template will look like once we’re finished installing it for you. The other sites listed above are examples of what your site could look like once you’ve added your own images and text.


In one sentence, we create a beautiful high conversion, one page, hyper-fast template for your service business for free!

The truth is the vast majority of business websites look terrible, are slow loading, have multiple pages and confusing navigation, complicated pricing tiers, and absolutely no sense of salesmanship.

With the vast majority of sites, the prospect can’t even find pricing tiers through the maze of slow loading pages. And more importantly, they aren’t getting sold on your company and your service, they’re getting bored and confused and sold on clicking off your garbage site.

With our template, your prospective client is getting sold from the second they look at your website. From the navigation, to the headings, to the features, to testimonials, to who you are, to pricing tiers to a direct call to action – every single aspect of your site is designed to convert your prospective client into a hot lead.

In short, when you let us design your site you get:

  • All the hassles of setting up a template handled by us
  • A one page, super fast, high conversion sales page
  • A menu that instantly scrolls to the section of interest
  • An easy to access contact form to turn your prospect into a hot lead

And we do it all for free!

With our custom-tailored, high-conversion template, we handle all the headaches and build you your very own money machine.

A money machine that can:

  • Direct your organic traffic to from Facebook, Youtube and other platforms
  • Direct your paid online marketing traffic to
  • Direct your potential prospects from your outbound sales efforts to
  • Show to all potential prospects in person to develop trust and certainty in your service

If you’ve been thinking about start a service business, let us help you build the best possible website.

If you’re thinking about starting a service business or you already have a service business but haven’t built a high conversion sales page, let us install our custom tailored template for free.

If you already have a website, but aren’t happy with it, or you’re not converting enough customers, just switch to WPX hosting and let us install our customized killer template for you for free.

Whatever your situation, as long as you have a service business or are planning to launch your service business, we have the website template for you. If you sign up with us today, we’ll help you make more money and handle your installation headaches so you don’t have to.

And we do it all for free!

Answers To Your Questions

  1. Can I migrate my current site over to WPX hosting and have you design a custom website?
    • Absolutely, all you have to do is sign up with WPX hosting, enter your website and purchase the hosting package. We will help you every step of the way with the migration.
  2. Can you help me add the text, pictures, contact information and call to action buttons on my site?
    • Absolutely we can if you choose to buy our web design package, you can see our rates in the PDF. I’m 100% confident you can do all the above by yourself, as we’ve made things easy, and have given you the proper guidelines, but if you want to speed up the process and have us handle the headaches, we’re absolutely happy to help with that assuming you buy our web design package.
  3. Can you help me with the sales copy for the features and benefits?
    • Yes, but again that’s extra. I can help you create eye catching headlines, comprehensive features, and high conversion benefits. All you have to do is schedule a 2 hour coaching call with me (Will Freemen) at revolutionarylifestyledesign.com/coaching (link to my coaching page is also in your free pdf)
  4. Can you help help me design a site with a totally different layout and a different template?
    • No, what you see is what you get. Your site will look exactly like rldexamplesite.com and it will be up to you to add your own pictures and text. If you want us to add text and pictures you can buy our web design package, but even then, we will work within the exact layout you see on rldexamplesite.com. If you don’t like the layout, or want to make a bunch of changes, you’d be better off buying a website from someone else or creating your own from scratch.
  5. Can I move my current site over to WPX hosting and have RLD Web Design create a free website for me?
    • Absolutely, WPX offers a free and painless migration process, and we will help you every step of the way by communicating with WPX and handling it for you. If you have a blog (or article list) we can also add a link to that on the site.
  6. How long does it take to setup the website?
    • From the second you buy hosting from WPX Hosting and send us your login information, we will have your site set up and ready to go within two days at the minimum.
  7. Can I buy WPX Hosting on a monthly basis?
    • No, we require you buy the yearly hosting package where you pay for your first year in advance. This is because buying the monthly package would mean we don’t get paid for 5 months which is not acceptable for our business model. With that said, by buying hosting on a yearly plan you save over $60.
  8. Can I Get A Refund?
    • Yes, WPX Hosting offers a 30 day money back guarantee when you buy the yearly plan. However, if you’re planning to quit on yourself within a month don’t even bother. Not only do you fail yourself but it means we don’t get paid.

How To Move Forward

If you’re with me so far, I hope we can agree that:

  1. You need a beautiful, super fast, high conversion website for your service business
  2. We’re the ones to build the website template for you
  3. You’d be hard pressed to find anyone else offering this service for free

To move forward, all you have to do is click our affiliate link below and:

  1. Buy the business hosting package WPX hosting from WPX Hosting on a Yearly Plan (can be done in 5 minutes)
  2. Send us your username and password and get your free instructional PDF download from us
  3. Sit back and relax while we install wordpress for you and setup your customized website template

Just remember you have to:

  1. Buy hosting through our affiliate link
  2. Buy the yearly hosting package

It’s crucial that you buy from our affiliate link and buy the yearly package, if you don’t we will not do any work for you, because the monthly plan means we have to wait 5 months to get paid for our work, as opposed to the yearly plan where we only have to wait a month to get our $100 referral commission. With that said, think of the yearly package as an investment in yourself and your business.

Invest In Yourself:

Buying the yearly package is the better deal for you, by buying the yearly package you get all our services for free, you reward us for our work, you save yourself approximately $60 over the year, and you prove to yourself that you’re committed to success. Buying a monthly plan with an idea of maybe getting a refund or just dipping your toe in the water is not the right move, the right move is to jump right in, commit totally, and don’t even consider quitting on your business as an option.

If you’re truly committed, investing in this service will be the best money you spent this year, and the good news is that you don’t even need to spend much money. We recommend you buy the business hosting package, which is the cheapest plan and more than adequate for what you need, and that plan will only cost you about $20 a month over the course of the year, or just $0.66 per day.

For half the price of a chocolate bar a day you get:

  1. Your domain hosted by the best hosting company in the world
  2. Free installation of WordPress
  3. The Divi premium theme for free which would have normally cost you $89
  4. Free installation of the Divi theme
  5. Our high conversion, customized template of the DIVI theme where you can easily add your own pictures and copy
  6. Unlimited support from RLD Web Design until your high conversion template is completed with any and all questions answered

Here’s the reality of being in business:

You need a good looking website to build trust with prospects, and you need that site to be structured specifically for lead generation for you to maximize revenue. By buying the WPX business plan on a yearly basis you save over $60 over the monthly plan which works out to just over $20 a month, hosting that you would have needed anyway, and it’s with the best WordPress hosting company in the world – if you have a service business, a high converting, good looking website is a NEED not a WANT!

A high conversion sales funnel is a literal money machine:

All you have to do is direct your outbound sales, SEO, social media traffic and inbound marketing to the site to get hot new leads, leads which will get you paid.

That money machine will only cost you $20 a month or $0.66 cents a day. For half the price of a chocolate bar a day we will build you a money machine for free. If you’re looking to build a service business or already have one, this offer is a no brainer.

To move forward all you have to do is:

  1. Click the button below and buy the WPX HOSTING BUSINESS PLAN PAID YEARLY, do not buy the monthly plan. (**If you already have a domain that you want to migrate over to WPX, when you buy the WPX HOSTING BUSINESS PLAN PAID YEARLY, select the “hosting only” option. And don’t worry we will handle the entire migration process for you.)
  2. Once you’ve registered with WPX, navigate back to this site, scroll to the bottom of this page and add your name, email address and WPX username and password to the contact form at the bottom of this page

What To Do After You’ve Bought The WPX Business Hosting Plan 

Once you’ve registered and paid WPX, all you have to do is send us your full name, email address and WPX username and password in the form below. Once you enter your information below, our team will email you within 24 hours and begin installing your site, we’ll also make sure to keep you posted on our progress via email.

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