Terms Of Service

1) WordPress, Plugins And Theme Installation

RLD Web Design agrees to install WordPress, plugins and a customized, high-conversion DIVI template within 7 days of your purchase of WPX Hosting. Understand that what you see is what you get. Your site will look exactly like rldexamplesite.com as explained on the sales page, and it will be up to you to either add text and images yourself, or purchase the RLD Premium Package to get us to help you add the text, images and other customizations..

2) WPX Hosting 30 Day Refund Policy

If you’re not satisfied with your hosting plan you can get a refund from WPX Hosting within 30 days of purchase. WPX Hosting is in no way associated with RLD Web Design, and RLD Web Design offers no refunds of any kind.

3) RLD Web Design Premium and Monthly Maintenance Packages

If you choose to purchase either RLD Web Design Premium Package or the RLD Monthly Maintenance Package you’re choosing to enter into an arrangement with RLD Web Design, with no affiliation to WPX Hosting.

With the RLD Web Design Premium Package all projects are considered complete within 30 days of purchase and no refunds are offered.

With the RLD Monthly Maintenance Package, you are entering into a monthly recurring agreement. No refunds are offered on this package. You may cancel at any time.